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This started as a personal web site, and not a commercial site, with a secondary goal to place content on-line that is valued by our visitors.  Since we are now generating income from this site that is more than it is costing us (though not much more) and are carrying advertising on our pages, I guess we now are operating a commercial web site.

We didn't want our site to be an "all about us" site nor did we want it to be a site consisting of nothing but links.  We started out posting quilting related information and genealogy content.

The content that we place here reflects our interests.  Some of it we've developed, such as our copyright pages, genealogy in the news, and Karen's Quilts. Other material published here is in the public domain, such our pages of classical poetry and the never before published on-line (to our knowledge) Report of the President's Commision on The Accident at Three Mile Island. There are also original articles on a variety of topics.

Naturally, we do have links, but the links are to other sites with significant, useful, and/or interesting content.

We are affiliated to and, throughout our site, you'll see links to books, posters and artwork available from them.

If our site has provided on-line content of value to you, please consider visiting one or more of our advertisers.



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