published in Scientific American June 14, 1862

A portion of Gen. Curtis’s army, which was ordered to reinforce Gen. Halleck, marched from Batesville, Ark., to Cape Girardeau, Mo., a distance of 240 miles, which he accomplished in ten days, some of the men being obliged to travel barefoot for the last sixty miles. This gives an average of 24 miles a day. This, for an army, is great marching.

It is announced that Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, is fully occupied by National forces under Gen. Curtis, and that the Legislature had scattered, and Gov. Rector, who at one time threatened to whip “all creation,” had fled from the State. He is doubtless looking for Claiborne Jackson, who ran away from Missouri last year. Reports also state that the people of Arkansas are showing a considerable degree of loyalty to the government.


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