The Great Victory In Arkansas
published in Scientific American Mar 22, 1862


One of the most important battles of the campaign has taken place at Pea Ridge, in the northwest corner of Arkansas, between the Union army under General Curtis and some 25,000 rebels under Van Dorn. The fighting continued three days, and resulted in the complete route of the rebels. The notorious rebel, Ben McCulloch, was killed, and at last accounts our cavalry was in pursuit of the flying enemy in hopes of capturing the commander, Van Dorn.

It appears by the official report of General Curtis that our army was attacked on Thursday, the sixth of March, by the forces of the rebels, which were concentrated against our right wing, under Gen. Sigel. The attack was steadily sustained and finally repulsed. During the night General Curtis changed the position of his forces, and the next morning the fight was renewed, and it continued throughout the day. On the third day it was resumed, when General Curtis ordered a charge along the whole line, which effected the complete route of the rebels, “who retired in confusion, but rather safely, through the deep, impassable defiles of the cross timber.”

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