Battle of Pea Ridge
or Elkhorn Tavern, Arkansas

MARCH 6-8, 1862

No. 6

Report of Maj. Richard H. Nodine, Twenty-fifth Illinois Infantry.

 CAMP NEAR LEETOWN March 10, 1862.

After receiving your orders to re-enforce Colonel Carr on the afternoon of the 7th of March, I proceeded with the left wing of the regiment to a point opposite the enemy's center, where I took a position in a small piece of brush. General Curtis soon after ordered me to move across the meadow and to charge upon the enemy, and if possible to drive him from his position. In pursuance of this order we advanced across the open field and penetrated the brush on the opposite side about 300 yards, when some scattering shots were fired from the rear of our left. Supposing them to be from some of our own men who had got behind their company, I ordered them to stop. I halted the command and moved toward the left wing to ascertain the cause of the firing, when a prisoner was brought to me, who had been sent to ascertain who we were by the commander of the enemy's force at that point, and who informed me that the Seventh Louisiana Regiment and two others were lying to our left about 40 yards. Owing to the darkness and thickness of the underbrush I found it impossible to distinguish friend from foe, and also from the fact that one of our own batteries were playing upon us from the angle of the brush and road, I thought it best to retire, which I did, recrossing the meadow, and taking position in the brush about 400 yards from the enemy, where we lay on our arms all night, at the request of Colonel Carr. In the morning we rejoined your command.

Very truly, your obedient servant,


 Major, Twenty-fifth Illinois Volunteers.


 Comdg. Twenty-fifth Ill. Vol.

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