Battle of Pea Ridge
or Elkhorn Tavern, Arkansas
MARCH 6 - 8, 1862

No. 46,

Report of Col. G. W. Riggins, Confederate Cavalry

CAMP ON FROG BAYOU, March 15, 1862.

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the battalion with which I acted at the battle of Elkhorn, Ark.:

We were under the immediate orders of Generals Van Dorn and Price, and kept scouting until about 3 o'clock Friday p.m., at which time we were ordered to take our extreme left wing and act as we thought best. We immediately marched down, finding the infantry of Generals Price and Steen on the left and the line of the enemy extending far below the above-named infantry, evidently attempting to flank our left. We immediately ordered our men to dismount, and extended our left wing as far as we could. The enemy immediately opened a very heavy fire upon us. Our battalion, being mostly raw recruits, wavered a little, but were soon rallied, and received the enemy's fire like veteran troops.

We were fully in range of the enemy's guns, but our men, being armed with shot-guns, could not reach them. After receiving a heavy fire for some time we ordered our men to charge the enemy, which they did very gallantly, producing great slaughter in the enemy's ranks, completely routing their left wing, driving them from the field. We retained the ground that night, and next morning were ordered by General Van Dorn to picket the Van Winkle road until the retreat was commenced.

I take pleasure in saying the officers and men of our battalion acted with great valor and courage during the course of the battle, and to our brave men is due much of the credit of the rout of the enemy on Friday evening.

Respectfully, yours,


Colonel, Commanding Battalion of Cavalry.


 Colonel PATTON,

Asst. Adjt. Gen., Second Missouri Brigade.

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