Battle of Pea Ridge
or Elkhorn Tavern, Arkansas
MARCH 6 - 8, 1862

(Official Records, Series I, Volume VIII, page 622)

Camp Stevens, Ark., March 17, 1862.

 Capt. N. H. MCLEAN:

CAPTAIN: I am glad to hear troops are expected through Kansas; If quartermasters would furnish supplies or competent men with means  to purchase, jayhawking could be controlled. So far from our usual source, some exertion is required to avoid the alternative which is constantly presented, starve or steal. This dilemma could be avoided by an efficient quartermaster, and I hope I will be supported in my efforts to secure reform in this regard.

The killed, wounded, and missing at the battle of Pea Ridge is near 1,400. My accommodations for the wounded are very meager, and they suffer in consequence.

All quiet this side the Boston Mountains, except some mischief to the people, committed by the Indians near Cane Hill.



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