U.S. Copyright and Genealogy

"US Copyright and Genealogy" pages were inadvertently deleted near the end of September, 2003, during efforts to reduce server space usage.  The pages are currently being restored, with all content and URLs as close to the same as before they were lost as they can possibly be.

  Welcome to our copyright and genealogy site.  Hopefully there will be something of use to you here.

Genealogy, by its nature, requires the use of pre-existing material.  Proper use of the appropriate  pre-existing material for purposes such as genealogy is not copyright infringement. A little study of copyright law can, in  many cases, help understand what is and is not proper use.

Copyright issues can be truly confounding and misunderstood. These pages are intended to help on-line genealogy researchers understand some of the important aspects of the law. Of course, since I am not a lawyer and have no legal training, the information on this site cannot be considered to be legal advice.

Copyright is never perfectly simple. There are no quick and streamlined answers. If copyright issues arise that you are unable to address, consultation with an attorney may be required.

Along with the discussion here, pages are included for reference with text of significance from copyright related legal documents, specifically copyright law, Supreme Court and other court opinions, and the Constitution of the United States.



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