Military Adventures Beyond the Mississippi

Treason of David E. Twiggs

The military operations in the State of Texas were of some importance in their results, but of little in their intrinsic character. At the time of Mr. Lincolnís election General David E. Twiggs was in command of the United States forces in the State of Texas. Before as yet the secession of the State had been accomplished he surrendered the entire army and property of the United States to the traitors in the State, and received as the reward of his treason a commission as Major-General in the Confederate Army. Other detachments of United States troops were easily made prisoners, but were released on parole. The revenue cutter upon the coast was seized, and a vessel which had come to Texas from the North to supply the light-houses was also taken possession of. All citizens of the North were warned to leave the State. The payment of all debts due the North was suspended.

The most cruel and relentless persecution of all loyal men was commenced. The German residents of the western counties were driven from their homes, and in many instances cruelly massacred for no other crime than their loyalty and their Free State principles. The General Government, surprised by the treachery of General Twiggs, and compelled to concentrate all their troops for the defense of the national capital, was obliged to leave the citizens of Texas to protect themselves. The Federal fleet, however, blockaded the coast soon after the consummation of the Stateís secession. The surrender of Galveston was demanded in May, but no attempt was made to enforce compliance with the demand until October, when Commander Renshaw, with a fleet of four steamers, took possession of the place. No attempt at its recapture was anticipated. No sufficient precautions were taken to guard against such a possible catastrophe.

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