Our site is intended to provide free resources to the internet community.   These include resources that we've developed, and links to other sites that we value as true resources.
Getting Started - links to on-line genealogy resources with tips for beginners.
Relationship Table - How do you determine if someone is a second cousin or first cousin once removed? This cousins table provides a reference.

Civil War - Mostly drawn from 19th century books and journals, these selections have genealogy value as well

Copyright issues - U.S. Copyright and Genealogy: The issues of copyrights in genealogy are easily misunderstood..., and are more important than ever when anyone can be their own on-line publisher. Our copyright web pages are widely recommended by others and have been linked to by many sites in the U.S. as well as several overseas sites. (Also see our Copyright Perspectives page.)
Genealogy Links - valuable on-line resources
Genealogy News - recent on-line genealogy in the news.
Genealogy books:

Genealogy forms - free research forms, with our complements

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