AUGUST 20-28, 1863.--Quantrill's raid into Kansas, and pursuit by Union forces


  Aug. 21, 1863. Massacre at Lawrence, Kans.
      Skirmish near Brooklyn, Kans.
    22, 1863. Skirmish near Paola, Kans.
      Skirmish on Big Creek, near Pleasant Hill, Mo.
    25-26, 1863 Skirmishes near Hopewell, Mo.


No. 1.--Maj. Gen. John M. Schofield, U.S. Army, commanding Department of the Missouri.

No. 2.--Brig. Gen. Thomas Ewing, jr., U.S. Army, commanding District of the Border.

No. 3.--Lieut. Col. Charles S. Clark, Ninth Kansas Cavalry

No. 4.--Lieut. Col. Bazel F. Lazear, First Missouri State Militia Cavalry.

No. 5.--Maj. Linn K. Thacher, Ninth Kansas Cavalry.

No. 6.--Capt. Charles F. Coleman, Ninth Kansas Cavalry

No. 7.--Capt. John Ballinger, First Missouri State Militia Cavalry

No. 8.--Lieut. Cyrus Leland, jr., Tenth Kansas Infantry.

No. 9.--Lieut. Col. Walter King, Fourth Missouri State Militia Cavalry.


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