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While the individual poems are public domain, the collection is not. This website is a compilation of poems and the selection of poems and their arrangement is copyrighted. 

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Poetry books, by author:

Mathew Arnold

William Blake

Ann Bradstreet

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Robert Browning

George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron

Lewis Carroll

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Emily Dickinson

John Donne

T. S. Eliot

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Robert Frost

Thomas Gray

Thomas Hardy

George Herbert

Robert Herrick

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Ben Jonson

John Keats

Rudyard Kipling

Katherine Mansfield

Christopher Marlowe

Andrew Marvell

Wilfred Owen

Edgar Allen Poe

Ezra Pound

Li Po


William Shakespeare

Percy Bysshe Shelley

John Suckling

William Wordsworth

Thomas Wyatt