With the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2002, anti-nuclear activists gained a new "weapon" for their assaults upon the commercial nuclear energy industry: the specter of a potential attack upon a nuclear power plant. 
    This site is not intended to be a rebuttal for this or any other type of propaganda. Rather, it is meant to be a resource for use in referencing on-line information relating to nuclear power.
    Much of the valuable government information that was once located on-line at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission was, because of security issues, removed after the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. In the time since then, the NRC has rebuilt its website without the inclusion of security sensitive information. 
    Web sites that clearly contain such information will not be included here. 
    As a nuclear power professional, it is natural to be tempted to include only those sites that are favorable to the industry.  The opposition to nuclear power and its impact on the industry and the country is part of the nuclear story and some links to such sites will be included.  (Note: some previously included site links have been removed because the links were broken, or the sites were not being maintained.)

Chernobyl - A test that went badly wrong

Three Mile Island - Failure to learn from prior industry operating experience

Browns Ferry Fire and related fire protection information

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