Welcome to Travel!

We really love to travel to new places and old favorite places and want to share some of that here. 

Our pages will feature content and links associated with places that we love and places that we would love to visit.  As well, there will be material focusing on products and resources associated with travel.

A good example of this is our first travel related page, which is on RVs. The page started as a page of links to on-line sites for RV manufacturers for our personal use as a reference for researching recreational vehicles before we buy one.  After getting over 3000 page visits to the page in less than 3 months (with no advertising of the page), we decided that we would continue to add content to the page and move it to a separate site devoted to travel.

About our links

You'll find a lot of links on our site. The links that we provide are intended to be resources for our visitors as well as for us.  All links will be to sites that have have something of value to offer.  Some links are to manufacturers of travel related products.  Many others will be to web sites that feature interesting locations, travel related activities, and more.

Please feel free to link to any of our web pages. 

If you would like us to provide a link to your travel related web page or site, drop us a line and let us know its URL.

Note:  We only link to sites with at least some amount of content.  We do not link to sites that just consist of links.  As we are continually working on the pages of this and other web-sites, it may take some time before we add your link.

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