Battle of Pea Ridge
or Elkhorn Tavern, Arkansas

MARCH 6-8, 1862.


Official Records, Series I, Volume VIII, pages 189 - 330

No. 1.--Maj. Gen. Henry W. Halleck, U.S. Army.

No. 2.--Brig. Gen. Samuel R. Curtis, U.S. Army, commanding Army of the Southwest, correspondence with the Confederate commander, and congratulations from General Halleck.

No. 3--Brig. Gen. Franz Sigel, U.S. Army, commanding First and Second Divisions.

No. 4.--Col. Peter J. Osterhaus, Twelfth Missouri Infantry, commanding First Division.

No. 5.--Col. William N. Coler, Twenty-fifth Illinois Infantry, First Brigade.

No. 6.--Maj. Richard H. Nodine, Twenty-fifth Illinois Infantry.

No. 7.--Col. Charles Knobelsdorff, Forty-fourth Illinois Infantry.

No. 8.--Col. Nicholas Greusel, Thirty-sixth Illinois Infantry, commanding Second Brigade, First Division.

No. 9.--Maj. Hugo Wangelin, Twelfth Missouri Infantry.

No. 10.--Capt. Albert Jenks, Illinois Cavalry.

No. 11.--Capt. Henry A. Smith, Illinois Cavalry.

No. 12.--Col. Cyrus Bussey, Third Iowa Cavalry.

No. 13.--Capt. Martin Welfley, Missouri Light Artillery.

No. 14.--Capt. Louis Hoffmann, Fourth Independent Battery Ohio Light Artillery.

No. 15.--Brig. Gen. A. Asboth, U.S. Army, commanding Second Division.

No. 16.--Col. Joseph Nemett, Fifth Missouri Cavalry (Benton Hussars).

No. 17.--Col. Jeff. C. Davis, Twenty-second Indiana Infantry, commanding Third Division.

No. 18.--Col. Thomas Pattison, Eighteenth Indiana Infantry, commanding First Brigade. <ar8_190>

No. 19.--Lieut. Col. David Shunk, Eighth Indiana Infantry.

No. 20.--Col. Julius White, Thirty-seventh Illinois Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 21.--Col. Eugene A. Carr, Third Illinois Cavalry, commanding Fourth Division.

No. 22.---Col. Grenville M. Dodge, Fourth Iowa Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

No. 23.--Capt. Junius A. Jones, First Independent Battery Iowa Light Artillery.

No. 24.--Col. William Vandever, Ninth Iowa Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

No. 25.--Capt. Mortimer M. Hayden, Third Independent Battery Iowa Light Artillery.

No. 26.--Maj. William D. Bowen, Bowen's Missouri Cavalry, and including operations since February 10, 1862.

No. 27.--Maj. Eli W. Weston, Twenty-fourth Missouri Infantry, provost-marshal Southwestern District.

No. 28.--Capt. Thomas A. Reed, Twenty-fourth Missouri Infantry.

No. 29.--Capt. Robert W. Fyan, Twenty-fourth Missouri Infantry.

No. 30.--Capt. Sampson P. Barris, Twenty-fourth Missouri Infantry.

No. 31.--Lieut. James J. Lyon, Twenty-fourth Missouri Infantry.

No. 32.--Capt. Barbour Lewis, First Missouri Cavalry.

No. 33.--Maj. Joseph Conrad, Third Missouri Infantry.

No. 34.--Maj. August H. Poten, Seventeenth Missouri Infantry.

No. 35.--Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn, C. S. Army, commanding Trans-Mississippi District.

No. 36.--Brig. Gen. Albert Pike, C. S. Army, commanding Department of Indian Territory.

No. 37--Col. E. Greer, Third Texas Cavalry, commanding division.

No. 38.--Col. Evander McNair, Fourth Arkansas Infantry.

No. 39.--Col. E. Greer, Third Texas Cavalry.

No. 40.--Lieut. Col. Walter P. Lane, Third Texas Cavalry.

No. 41.--Col. B. W. Stone, Sixth Texas Cavalry.

No. 42.--Maj. Gen. Sterling Price, commanding Missouri State Guard (Confederate).

No. 43.--Col. Henry Little, commanding First Brigade Missouri Volunteers (Confederate).

No. 44.--Col. Thomas H. Rosser, commanding Second Brigade Confederate Cavalry.

No. 45.--Col. John T. Hughes, Confederate Cavalry.

No. 46.--Col. G. W. Riggins, Confederate Cavalry.

No. 47.--Brig. Gen. Martin E. Green, commanding Second Division Missouri State Guard.

No. 48.--- Col. John B. Clark, jr., commanding Third Division Missouri State Guard.

No. 49.--Adjt. J. M. Snyde, Fourth Regiment, Third Division.

No. 50.--Col. James P. Saunders, commanding Fifth Division Missouri State Guard.

No. 51.--Maj. D. H. Lindsay, commanding Sixth Division Missouri State Guard.

No. 52.--Brig. Gen. D. M. Frost, commanding Seventh and Ninth Divisions Missouri State Guard.

No. 53.--Col. Colton Greene, commanding Third Brigade Missouri Volunteers (Confederate).

No. 54.--Brig. Gen. James S. Rains, commanding Eighth Division Missouri State Guard.

No. 55.--Maj. D. Todd Samuels, commanding Price's escort.

No. 56.--Confederate orders.


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